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Caffeine Levels In Your Coffee

July 09, 2018

Caffeine Levels In Your Coffee

Welcome to the second edition of the Blue Hummingbird Blog where we discuss the pursuit of the good life with an awesome cup of coffee! 

We have heard, many times, that a cup of dark roast coffee has more caffeine – that the more bitter the coffee, the more it will wake you up. But, we’ve also heard the contrary that a cup of light roast coffee has more caffeine because the roasting burns the caffeine away. Well, sorry folks, the answer is, like everything else, it depends. 

There are two main points to consider:

  • Roasting decreases the caffeine level, but minimally with almost negligible effect.
  • Roasting decreases the density of the bean (i.e. burns off water content in the bean).
    • Have you noticed that a standard bag of light roast coffee contains fewer beans than a standard bag of dark roast coffee? This is because a light roast bean weighs more than a dark roast bean due to its larger water content.

The caffeine level of your coffee depends on the how you make your coffee.

  • If you measure your coffee by weight prior to grinding, then you probably have more caffeine. 
  • If you measure your coffee by scoops, then you probably have a little less caffeine. 

Bean type and origin are also factors when determining the caffeine content of a cup of coffee. 

Almost nothing in the world is absolute. At Blue Hummingbird Coffee, though we love the caffeine to give us a jump start, we place more importance on the flavor of the coffee. After all, caffeine is just a tiny part of the coffee experience – there is much more to coffee than just caffeine. For example, the healthy chlorogenic acid, which we will discuss in a future post! 

Cheers to the good life!

While writing today’s edition, I am drinking a cup of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural. Get yours here