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Colombia Cundinamarca Villa Lara Tabi



Origin Country: Colombia
Region: Cundinamarca
Varieties: Tabi
Altitude: 1,750 meters above sea level
Producer: Beatriz Gomez Cala and Jonathan Parke
Estate: Finca Villa Lara

The Experience

This beautiful Colombian bean further elevates classic Colombian coffee. Its sweet aroma complements the notes of orange blossoms and bittersweet chocolate. The bright acidity balances out all of the layers of flavor making this coffee a unique, delicate, and smooth cup to drink.

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

This coffee comes from Villa Lara in the Cundinamarca region in Colombia. The producers focus on high quality micro-lots with principles of sustainability. On social issues, the farm exceeds many labor laws and guidelines, providing excellent living and working conditions for their workers.  On the environmental front, the farm recycles everything possible and has more than 6,000 trees to not only shade the coffee plants but also to protect wildlife habits.


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