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Costa Rica Bernina Gesha



Origin Country: Costa Rica
Region: San Jose
Varieties: Gesha
Altitude: 1,900 meters above sea level
Estate: Finca Bernina

The Experience

This lovely cup is sweet with a delicate floral aroma, intricate tea and peach notes. A bouquet of jasmine announces its arrival as soon as the grounds are wetted. At first sip, a peachy aroma shines up front. As the cup cools, the notes of jasmine, tropical fruit, and cane sugar begin to permeate. The mouthfeel is clean, and transitions into a brisk tea finish.

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

Finca Bernina is a family-run 460-hectare farm, located on the foothills of the highest mountain peak in Costa Rica, Chirripo. Bernina is a diversified farm dedicating 80 hectares to shade grown coffee and the rest to cattle, sugar cane and forestry.

Gesha is an old cultivar from Ethiopia that was brought to an experimental coffee garden in Costa Rica as a specimen sample. It was distributed to a few farms for testing on small plots. Not much was thought of the cultivar until a farm in Panama entered it to a national competition. Its intensely flavorful and very complex flavors was outrageously different, resulting in other farms separating their Gesha coffee as well, as is the case here. Our Costa Rica Gesha expresses the region of San Jose Perez Zeledon while retaining the floral intensity that has become synonymous with Gesha.


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