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Costa Rica Jaguar Honey *SOLD OUT*

Summary *SOLD OUT*

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Origin Country: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
Varieties: Cattura, Catuai
Altitude: 1,500 meters above sea level

The Experience

This single origin micro-lot coffee offers hints of dried fruit, melon, almond, and chocolate. This coffee undergoes what is known as the Honey Process. That means after the coffee cherry is removed from the bean, the sweet coating, which is reminiscent of honey, is left intact on the bean. This offers a sweeter taste and sets it apart from traditional washed coffees.

The Honey Process, or honey processing, originated in Costa Rica and has since spread to several other countries across Central America.  In addition to its distinctive taste, it has the environmental benefit of using less water during processing.

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

Before ever reaching your warm mug, this coffee originates in the lush Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Located high in the mountains, it is considered the nursery of Costa Rican specialty coffees, and for good reason.

On its journey from seed to cup, this coffee travels to one of the largest mills in Costa Rica, Benficio San Diego. Established in 1888, the mill takes great pride in working closely with producers to ensure good community relations and sustainable production.

Part of the proceeds from Costa Rica Jaguar Honey will go toward preserving jaguars in Costa Rica.

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