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Brazil Riacho Doce *SOLD OUT*



Country: Brazil
Region: Planalto da Bahia
Varieties: Yellow and Red Catuai
Altitude: 960 meters above sea level
Producer: Marinalva Ivo das Neves
Estate: Fazenda Riacho Doce

The Experience

Embodying the profile of a true Brazilian gem, this single estate micro lot bean is bursting with flavors of dry fruit and nuts. Along with its creamy body, this bean produces a well-balanced and intensely flavorful cup reminiscent of the coffees served in Italian bistros and bakeries. We chose to roast it darker than other beans to enhance its sweet and earthy flavors.

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

This bean comes from Planalto de Bahia, a region located in the north portion of the coffee belt and is best known for its fully washed coffees. The abundant rains encourage multiple flowerings on the trees. This causes staggered ripening of the coffee cherry, which means that harvest must be carefully done by hand - unlike most of the mechanically harvested beans in Brazil. 

This coffee is grown by Marianalva Ivo das Neves, or Nalva as her friends lovingly call her. She is one of the few female coffee growers in the region. Her farm Fazenda Riacho Doce or ‘Sweet Water Stream’ is in the Vitoria de Conquista Plateau, Barra do Choca.

The hand-picked ripe cherry is taken to and left in the fermenting tanks for 12-15 hours before being pulped and washed. The washed beans are sent to slowly dry in greenhouses where they are protected from the unpredictable weather. The processing method, terroir, and special post-harvest process result in this very special cup.

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