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Costa Rica West Valley La Paz *SOLD OUT*

Summary *SOLD OUT*

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Origin Country: Costa Rica
Region: West Valley
Varieties: Cattura, Catuai, Villa Sarchi, Venecia
Altitude: 1,600 meters above sea level

The Experience

“La Paz”, or, “The Peace” is not a name given lightly in Costa Rica.  It is a name commonly given to grand landmarks throughout the nation.  Our Costa Rica “La Paz” lives up to its namesake with bright, tropical notes that uniquely evolve as it cools.  With a sweet citrusy bite followed by a smooth finish of black tea and bright herbs, this truly is a Costa Rican masterpiece!

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

The West Valley region of Costa Rica is no stranger to producing some of the highest quality coffees available. Costa Rica’s positioning along the Pacific and its volcanic soil rich mountains give it prime conditions for growing excellent coffee.  In the 1800’s immigrants settled in the West Valley region bringing coffee crops from the well known Central Valley.  By taking advantage of the West Valley’s gentle inclines, which allow for greater soil depth and quality, top tier coffee crops quickly took hold.

Farms in the West Valley region are built on a culture of traditional values centered around a unified family.  This washed coffee was harvested December through February by 25 producers and processed at the Benesai Mill.  Throughout Costa Rica, all farm workers, including migrant workers who follow the harvest, are guaranteed a standardized minimum wage and access to Costa Rica’s national healthcare system.  This example of taking care of all involved in the coffee harvest rings true to the strong family centered values of the region.

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