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Veggies, Strawberries, Eggs, and Jam (sold separately)


Blue Hummingbird Coffee is partnering with Rodney Kawano farm to have CSA Veggie boxes available for pick up at three locations:

Irvine Great Park - from 2 PM to 4 PM
Irvine University Hills - from 2:30 PM to 4 PM
Orange - from 5 PM to 6:30 PM

Next pickup will be 6/4/2020. Cut off time is 9 am on 6/4/2020.

From Rodney Kawano Farms:

  • Veggie Box (at least ten different veggies/fruit)*
  • Deluxe Veggie box (at least thirteen different veggies/fruit and a dozen eggs)
  • Eggs (1 Dozen)
  • 3-pack Strawberries/Raspberries (on top of the 3-pack included in the box)
  • 8-oz jar of Low Sugar Strawberry Jam

Pesticide Free.

Any questions, send us an email at

*Veggie box content depends on the harvest of the week. For week of May 28:

  • High probability: strawberries, corn, carrots, mushrooms, avocados, pickling cucumber, citrus, green beans
  • Medium probability: squash, cucumbers, kale, and chard
  • Low probability: beets, tomato, brussel sprouts


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