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Espresso Blend *SOLD OUT*

Summary *SOLD OUT*

Check out Guatemala San Bernardo Espresso

Origin Continent: Latin America
Origin Country: Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Brazil
Varieties: Catimor, Catuai, Caturra
Altitude: 1,500 meters above sea level

The Experience

Looking for a slightly bolder coffee?  This espresso blend combines silky-smooth Guatemala, bright Costa Rica, and the intensely flavorful Brazil - all roasted at a medium dark roast. This flavorful blend has a sweet aroma with surprisingly deep flavors, with distinct hints of orange, dried cherry, berries, and caramel.  

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

At Blue Hummingbird coffee, we have been trying to offer an espresso roast since the inception of our company while staying true to the roots of the rest of our single origin specialty coffees. Tasked by one of our corporate customers to provide an espresso roast, we felt that blending beans to create a more complex flavor was necessary to create an espresso roast that's up to BHB Coffee's standards. Marrying the flavors from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Brazil created a perfectly balanced cup, with light juicy acidity and complex depth that will make any cappuccino or latte, a delight.

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