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Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural - SOLD OUT


Summary - SOLD OUT

Origin Country: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Varieties: Heirloom
Altitude: 2,050 meters above sea level 
Estate: Kayon Mountain

The Experience

This dry-processed coffee from Ethiopia’s Guji region strikes your palate with an aroma full of sweet berries and honey undertones.  As you sip, its heavy body greets your palate with strong flavors of blueberry and grapes with a pleasant honey sweetness.  Our Ethiopia Guji Shakiso coffee’s mild acidity allows these beautiful flavors to shine through in this truly special coffee.

Every Cup of Coffee Has a Story

Grown at some of the highest altitude coffee farms in the world, this coffee originates from the Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm. The farm lives in the shadows of evergreens that provide a multi-canopy structure where the deep red and brown top-layer of the volcanic soil bursts with nutrients. The high altitude, rainfall patterns, and relatively dry weather guide the cherries in developing to perfection.

Just like all naturally processed coffee, the cherries are dried on raised beds, dry milled, and finally prepared for export. The meticulous processing steps ensure the beans reach Grade 1 standards.

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