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Ethiopia Nansebo Arsi Werka *SOLD OUT*

Summary *Sold Out*

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Origin Country: Ethiopia
Region: Nansebo, Sidama
Varieties: Heirloom
Altitude: 2,000 meters above sea level
Processing Facility: Werka

The Experience

This exquisite wet-processed coffee from Sidama teases your sense of smell first with a sweet and floral aroma of caramelized sugar and peaches. Once you work your way through its seducing scent, a bright and citrusy body full of sweet caramel and exotic stone fruit with an ever-so-slight hint of black tea send you to coffee Nirvana. The melody of sweet peach and apricot compliment a brown sugar and rich dark chocolate foundation in this very special medium roast coffee.

Every Cup of Coffee Has a Story

Ethiopia is commonly referred to as ‘The Birthplace of Coffee’.  Because of this, simply put, they have some of the best coffee on the planet. Coffee is in their DNA. The beans in this bag begin their journey to your cup well over a mile above sea level in the mountainous Nansebo region of Ethiopia.

Using a traditional disc pulper, the coffee cherry’s skin is removed followed by a 2-day long water fermentation process to break down the fruit’s mucilage. Wooden paddles are then used to work the mucilage off of the beans which are finally set on raised beds lined with jute for drying. As always, this classic processing method produces a refined tasting coffee that the casual drinker and connoisseur can appreciate.

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