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Kenya AA Karumandi *SOLD OUT*

Summary *SOLD OUT*

Check Out Kenya AA Kaganda

Origin Country: Kenya
Region: Kiringaya County
Varieties: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Altitude: 4,920 feet (1,500 meters) above sea level
Producer: Baragwi Farmers Coop

The Experience

Discover new flavors with each sip while enjoying this single-origin micro-lot coffee. Savor smooth hints of mandarin orange and chocolate with aromas of caramel and peach.  Kenya’s coffees are world renowned. You’ll understand why after tasting this vibrant coffee.  

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

This coffee originates in Karumandi, a settlement in Kenya’s Central Providence that is tucked at the foot of Mt. Kenya National Park. The unique terroir offered in parts of Kenya allows local micro origin farms to produce higher quality blend components, fully embodied by this coffee.

Our AA Karumandi was produced by the Baragwi Farmers Cooperative Society. It is hand-picked before undergoing a wet and dry mill process. Before coffee is delivered to the final dry mill, it is sun dried in traditional raised beds. The result? A coffee that has won numerous Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Cup of Harvest awards.

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