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Sumatra Batak Highlands


Available on June 21


Origin Country: Indonesia
Region: Batak Highlands
Varieties: Tim Tim, Catimor, and Lasuma
Altitude: 1,200 meters above sea level
Producer: Various small holders

The Experience

Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands. Its coffee is similarly complex. As you brew a cup, Sumatra Batak generates a deep, sweet, cedar aroma. At your first sip, you will notice the syrupy structure and savory-sweet notes akin to a rich, sweet chocolate. Even though the flavor is bold, the acidity is mild, which makes this cup quite pleasant to drink.

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

Batak Highlands is a high plateau with a cool climate. This region is known for its fertile soil, a result of a super-volcano eruption a million years ago and is notable for its rich fauna and flora diversity.

Sumatra Batak coffee is produced by various smallholders. Each grower has an average of 1 hectare dedicated to coffee. In order to ensure the finest cup of coffee, everything from farming to drying is done by hand, including the wet-hulled processing method. This process uses water to remove the cherry's red pulp and mucilage while also removing the parchment layer in a wet huller. By removing the parchment layer, the bean dries faster, which is beneficial in Indonesia's tropical wet climate. The process continues with sorting to eliminate defective beans.

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