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Tanzania AA+ Usongwe *Sold Out*

Summary *Sold Out*

Origin Country: Tanzania
Region: Mbeya
Varieties: Bourbon, Kent
Altitude: 4,920 feet (1,500 meters) above sea level
Producer: Usongwe Co-op

The Experience

Unique experiences abound in each sip of this Bourbon and Kent varietal bean. Coffee from Tanzania stands out from all other African coffees for their distinct taste. Notes of black tea, orange, and pear pierce through aromas of rose hips, lemon, and marzipan pleasing your palate with every sip.

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

This coffee originates almost a mile above sea level in the mountainous region of Mbeya, also known as the Southern Highlands, at Tanzania’s southwestern border. It has a subtropical highland climate, with humid summers, dry winters, abundant rainfall, and rich volcanic soils – all of which contribute to medium bodied coffees with a unique citrusy acidity, and aromas of black tea and bergamot.

Our AA+ Usongwe is produced by the Usongwe Cooperative consisting of 520 members. Most member farms average 1 hectare in size with their coffee crop sharing space with an assortment of banana trees, maize, and beans. The beans are de-pulped using hand-operated machines. Each coffee harvest is de-pulped using hand-operated machines, followed by a hand wash of each bean which are finally laid to dry on homemade drying tables.

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