Massey Honey x Blue Hummingbird Coffee: Local Raw Honey

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Massey Honey. We are bringing Massey Honey’s local raw honey to all three of our stores plus the online store. Each variety of Massey Honey is distinct, brimming with its own flavor and best use. Whether you are seeking the right touch for breakfast, a unique dinner finish, or a simple addition to your drinks, there's a jar of honey for you.

Avocado Honey
Dark and robust with an earthy taste. A savory honey which pairs well with chocolate or used in heavy sauces. Extracted late Spring following avocado blooms in Southern California. This honey is all natural and raw, and never heated or filtered. BHB's favorite for cooking

Blackberry Honey
Extracted following pollination of summertime blackberry blossoms, our blackberry blossom honey brings a sweet taste with hints of berry.  BHB's favorite for toast

Buckwheat Honey
Extracted following pollination of buckwheat blossoms, our buckwheat honey brings a unique earthy molasses flavor.  BHB's favorite for baking

Orange Blossom Honey

Extracted following pollination of springtime orange blossoms in Southern California, our orange blossom honey brings a subtly sweet and citrus flavor. BHB's favorite for tea

Wildflower Honey
Sweet buttery tasting honey. Our wildflower honey draws on the natural groundcover of Southern California’s seasonal blooms. BHB's favorite for coffee

El's Note: Trying Massey Honey for the first time reminds me of BHB’s unique coffee tasting. I find it very warming when our guests try our coffee flight and find their favorite coffee profile. This world of honey, just like coffee, is unique. Each honey has its own characteristics. Find them online or come by any of our locations.