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Our Story

It all started as an idea to bring something we all loved to the community we lived in.

We found something missing in Irvine. Specialty coffee. Each of us has a unique multicultural background that we felt could contribute to our communities in Orange County, California.

This simple idea is what started Blue Hummingbird Coffee (”BHB Coffee”). We chose the blue hummingbird as our brand identity because it’s one of the world’s most fascinating rare creatures and connects with our core values:

the hummingbird as our brand

Relentless discovery

Like hummingbirds, we’re constantly searching. Driven by our love for travel and discovering new cultures and places, we love bringing those products and experiences closer to our communities.

Vibrant Colors

Merging our team’s many backgrounds of Asian, Guatemalan, American cultures and more, we love bringing vibrancy and heritage in our selection of the products we offer to the communities we serve.

Giving Back

Hummingbirds play a huge role in the ecosystem by pollinating thousands of different plants. Similarly, we want to do good by reinvesting and supporting the farms and communities we partner with all over the world.

Our flagship coffee comes from the Perez family's farm, managed by Christian's cousin, whose family has been growing coffee for decades.

Throughout the years, they had been experimenting with a sustainable and water-friendly way of processing coffee beans called Natural processing, which is common in African artisanal coffee, but rare in Latin America. The resulting coffee from this processing method has a rich and complex aroma and flavor profile.

Prior to Blue Hummingbird, Christian brought roasted coffee for his family and friends every time he visited Guatemala. While sharing the pot of Acatenango, the trio cemented the idea of starting Blue Hummingbird Coffee.

To launch BHB Coffee, the cofounding team focused on creating a portfolio of coffee from multiple origins that suit many different preferences, while still align with their collective values of quality and sustainability.

The process began by understanding the farms and the producers, then we cup hundreds of coffee from multiple origins, from sweet coffee of Central America to rich and robust coffee of Brazil and Sumatra, all while maintaining their high standard of quality and sustainability.

Meet the Founders


You see him running around in all three stores. Catch him and he can talk about his dog for hours.

His favorite drink is Acatenango pourover.


Christian works behind the scene to sample hundreds of coffee beans and choose the select amazing few.

His favorite drink is Cappuccino.


Please say hi to Matt twice a week when he roast hundreds of pounds of coffee.

His favorite drink is Cold Brew.

Visit our flagship Roastery

Today, Blue Hummingbird operates 3 coffee shops in Orange County; one being our flagship store and roastery. Our coffeeshops serves the Great Park and Rancho Mission Viejo communities.

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