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Blue Hummingbird Mission and Values


Blue hummingbirds are in constant pursuit of sweet nectar. Inspired by these busy birds, our team at Blue Hummingbird diligently seeks out unique and flavorful beans to bring you a premium selection of specialty micro lot coffees. We source our beans from single origin sources or estates, and often trade directly with farmers.



We treasure good coffee. That’s why our beans are subject to rigorous quality control, from hand picking our lots to premium roasting and packaging processes. Our mission is to deliver the full potential of beans so you can brew coffee worth savoring.



We take pride in selecting beans that are ethically-sourced and grown. Farmers are rewarded for their quality and how they care for the environment. Here at Blue Hummingbird, we ensure that all farmers we source our beans from participate in sustainable practices that lead to ethical business models and environmentally-friendly farming methods. This allows all parties to continually improve coffee quality, farm productivity, and crop yield.