Pre-order Pie and Bread Assortments for Thanksgiving

Starting November 1st, Cup by Blue Hummingbird Coffee will offer Thanksgiving pie and bread assortments. You heard that right! Our assortments are handcrafted by Bakers Kneaded, the talented bakers behind the delicately handcrafted pastries here at Cup. If you're a fan of our pastries, you'll love the unique assortments we have to offer!

On your next trip in, let your barista know which one of our delicious pies and/or breads you'd like to pre-order for your Thanksgiving, and we'll get it processed for you. Or if you are eager to place one now, you can do so on the Cup by Blue Hummingbird online ordering website.

Place your orders in person or online by November 19th. Your pies and bread will be ready for pick up on Wednesday, November 23rd (7a - 2p) or Thursday of Thanksgiving, November 24th (7a - 10a).

Whether you’re wanting to keep it classic with everyone's favorite pies or take your Thanksgiving desserts to the next level, we have a pie for you!

  • 9" Pumpkin Pie
  • 9" Apple Pie
  • 9" Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie
  • 9" Nutella Banana Cream Pies
9" Pumpkin Pie9" Apple Pie9" Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Pie9" Banana Nutella Cream Pie

For our breads, we have a unique variety of specialty assortments!

  • Potato Rosemary Onion Loaf
  • Superfood Loaf
  • Country Sesame Loaf
  • Buttermilk Rolls
  • Bread Basket
Bread Basket

Our takes:

Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie are classic. But, for those wanting to take their Thanksgiving desserts to the next level, indulge in the Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie or the Nutella Banana Cream Pies. The pies are 9 inches in diameter and feed around 8-10 people. Mix and match the flavors based on the size of your gathering so that everyone can indulge in each pie. The flakey buttery crust and the decadent fillings will surely make your guests return for seconds.

Our popular pastry displayed at Cup is now a loaf! Can you guess which one it is? Hint: it is a savory scone, filled with potatoes and sauteed sweet onion, with a sprinkle of rosemary on top. If you guessed the Potato, Rosemary, and Onion Scone, you are correct! The other two flavors, being the Superfood Loaf and Country Sesame Loaf, are unique to those that are eager to try something new. But, if you want the classic dish served every Thanksgiving, the 12 count of buttermilk rolls are ready to be a part of your feast for a small gathering. Or, if you want all the breads to be the star of the feast, the ultimate bread basket is the way to go! Coming in a decorative dough basket, 12 assorted hand-shaped rolls are included while the other 12 are safe in a gift box.