Why Kenyan Coffee is Popular in the Winter

Have you ever noticed how your taste preferences change in different environments? For example, frequent flyers drink more Bloody Mary on a flight. These shift in tastes are not random. They are actually rooted in science, particularly in how humidity impacts our taste buds. This is also the reason why the Kenyan coffee from BHB becomes a popular choice of during the winter.

The Case of Bloody Mary

It's a well-known fact among frequent flyers: Bloody Mary tastes better in the air. But why? The answer lies in the cabin's low humidity levels. When you're flying, the cabin's humidity drops significantly, leading to a decrease in your sense of smell. Since taste and smell are intertwined, this affects how you perceive flavors. The savory, umami-rich profile of a Bloody Mary stands out in these conditions, making it a go-to drink for many air travelers.

Humidity and Your Taste Buds

High humidity can enhance our sense of smell, making flavors seem more intense. On the other hand, low humidity, like in winter, dull our taste buds. This explains why we often crave different foods and drinks depending on the season and to some extent, geography.

Kenyan Coffee

Coffee from Kenya, such as Kenya AB Ngomano from BHB Coffee, is renowned for its rich flavors. In winter, when humidity is low, and our taste buds are less sensitive, darker roasts from Kenya become popular. Their bold, intense flavors cut through the sensory dullness.
Come spring, as humidity rises and our taste buds awaken, lighter roasts, such as Costa Rica or Ethiopia gain popularity. These roasts, with their subtle, complex flavors, are more appreciated when our sensory perception is heightened.


Understanding how humidity affects our taste opens up a new appreciation. From savoring a Bloody Mary in the skies to choosing the right coffee, these choices are deeply connected to the world around us. So, the next time you reach for a drink or a cup of coffee, consider the environment you're in—it might just be shaping your taste preferences more than you realize.