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Guatemala Acatenango La Torre Natural



Origin Country: Guatemala
Region: Acatenango
Varieties: Bourbon
Altitude: 1,700 meters above sea level
Producer: Ernesto Perez
Estate: Finca La Torre

The Experience

This full body cup carries notes of dark chocolate and ripe berries. Drying the berry on the bean introduces the aroma of fruit tea and jasmine flower to the taste profile. The cup opens with a fruity aroma and finishes with a faint sweetness that sticks with you and leaves you wanting more. 

Every Cup of Coffee has a Story

The Acatenango region of Guatemala produces elegant and well balanced beans with rich aroma and taste. The coffee beans grown at the high altitude of Finca La Torre develop in a way coffee beans grown at lower elevations cannot. The region’s low humidity, intense sun, cool nights, and rich mineral volcanic soils create the ideal conditions to grow superior coffee. For bold results, only the best grains are selected for the dry process.

The owner of Finca La Torre, Ernesto Perez, offers us this direct trade 100% Bourbon nano-lot coffee reserved for family and friends. Be our guest, indulge!

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